Elemento Labs Program is based on Arduino, which is an open source hardware platform developed in Europe.

Most schools in US, Europe, Singapore and China use Arduino as a teaching platform for their students.

Being open source makes it easy for students to develop their own Robotic systems in future.

Elemento Boxes

Delivered every month (for 3 months) containing all equipments.

Box 1

  • Basics of Electronics.
  • Basics of Arduino.
  • Software Basics.
  • LED Fundamental Project.
  • Musical Notes Project.
  • Make own Piano Project.
  • Festival Lights Project.
  • Build a Robo-car from scratch from the parts shipped in the Box.
  • Perform various software-controlled navigations on the Robo-car.
  • Understand usage of fundamentals of C language like while loop, functions, variables.
  • Perform complex manoeuvers of Robo-car by breaking the problem into smaller ones.

Box 2

  • Build distance sensing capability in your Robo-car using an Ultrasonic sensor (In the process, understand the physics behind ultrasonic sensor).

  • Understand usage of Sound sensor by making an LED light up on sound.

  • Make your Robo-car move on clap sound using the Sound sensor.

  • Build a complete Virtual Reality (VR) system from scratch !

  • Observe a VR simulation in the VR hardware built by the student.

Box 3

  • Understand the different types of motors that can be used in Robotics.
  • Use a Servo motor to build a simple Robotic Arm.
  • Build a complete HUMANOID that can
    - Walk,
    - Dance,
    - Perform various software controlled actions.

Fundamentals your child learns during the program

  • keyboard_arrow_right In-depth understanding of Arduino micro-controller
  • keyboard_arrow_right Understand circuits
  • keyboard_arrow_right Fundamentals of Software (C)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Usage of LED, Push buttons, resistors, buzzers, battery
  • keyboard_arrow_right Learn about Sensors and Sensor Programming (Sound sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, LDR)
  • keyboard_arrow_right About Motors - DC Motors, Servo Motors
  • keyboard_arrow_right Understand the Science behind Virtual Reality System
  • keyboard_arrow_right Learn how complex systems like HUMANOID are made.