Elemento Labs Junior Program is geared towards developing solid foundation in Robitics and Electronics. No prior knowledge of Robotics or Electronics is required on the part of students.

Apart from Robotics, the hands-on projects help a child develop strong interest in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. Project based learning helps reinforce concepts, and keep the interest level high among students.

Elemento Boxes

Delivered every month (for 3 months) containing all equipments.

Box 1

  • Basics of Electronics.
  • Basics of Motors.
  • LED Basic Projects.
  • Make an Automatic Floor Cleaning Bot.
  • Build a Robo-car from scratch from the parts shipped in the Box.
  • Generate Electricity from Mechanical Motion. Understand the underlying science.

Box 2

  • Build an Autonomous Art Making Device, which builds Drawings on its own.
  • Solidify Understanding of Vibrating DC Motor.
  • Develop understanding of Engineering Principles in maintaining Balance.
  • Build a complete Virtual Reality (VR) system from scratch.
  • Understand how 3D Vision works.
  • Understand the science behind the functioning of Virtual Reality.
  • Observe VR simulation in the VR hardware built by the student.

Box 3

  • Build a complete Elevator System using pulleys and electronic circuits.
  • Solidify Understanding of Mechanical and Electronic principles.
  • Develop understanding of Engineering Principles in building a pulley based device.

Fundamentals your child learns during the program

  • keyboard_arrow_right In-depth understanding of electronic circuits
  • keyboard_arrow_right Understand LEDs, switches and battery connections
  • keyboard_arrow_right Understand Motors and their movement control
  • keyboard_arrow_right Understand complex structure building
  • keyboard_arrow_right Build a complete Virtual Reality system from scratch. Understand the Science behind Virtual Reality System
  • keyboard_arrow_right Understand vibration motors and usage.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Understanding of automatic Pulley system.